Choose from a variety of original templates to shape your

Single Property Listing Website

into a professional, profitable, search engine friendly business marketing tool!

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Easily upload content, images, and media

Manage leads and analytics anytime with 24/7 assistance!

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Connect with Customers

By allowing them to socially interact with your Property listings
Include "Like", and "share" capabilities for
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more!

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More TrafficMore SalesMore Profits!

Do you want to create more traffic for your real estate business? Perhaps you'd like to turn people’s heads with an innovative kind of advertising campaign, or maybe you're researching new ways of reaching out to potential customers. Or hey, maybe you’re just searching for the one thing every real estate agent wants: more profits.

No matter why you're looking to increase your sales, or how you plan on doing it, one fact remains true: you want to expand your business, and that search led you here. And now that you’re here, reading this page, we recommend that you consider creating websites for your various listings.

Employing well-designed, SEO-optimized websites to showcase each of your listings can bring you several benefits. Each website will advertise the listing, of course—but it will do so much more than that.

Buyers find it easier to go straight to a property's site instead of sorting through numerous other listings

Sellers appreciate the extra value they receive by having a unique website to showcase their property

Increase your SEO by having each property site link to your main site (with calls to action to view other listings in the area). Each Property Listing Site is deployed on its own server with its own unique IP address. This is a great way to increase your link inventory while staying within search engine guidelines. You own each of these sites, and they gain their own natural links because they're easy to share.

Organic SEO

Obtain high rankings in search engine results using natural strategies to boost your business’s outreach

Manage Leads

Manage leads from these sites from one easy-to-use dashboard


$10/year to register a unique domain for each property, and $10 per month for each site

Need help with set up?

We'll handle everything for $50 per listing. That includes retrieving relevant listing details, images, and/or videos. If you wish, we can also provide custom-written, SEO-friendly content for each listing (additional fees apply for more than 300 words of copy).

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